Ai Sushi & Grill
This place kills me. I love their sushi, and I really want to like everything about them, but I just can’t. The thought that they try so hard to nickel and dime me out of a bowl of soup that costs them (maybe) ten cents to make when I’m ordering 20 dollars worth of food just really gets me riled up. To be fair, the service was good, the sushi was awesome, and the price, while high, wasn’t overwhelming as far as sushi goes.

All American Sports Cafe
The service was average, the prices were steep, and the food was good. In all, not a bad place to go for lunch. Judging by the food alone, I would definitely come back here for lunch, but the prices will always make me think twice about it.

Amanda's Fonda
I definitely can’t complain about their food, it is absolutely top notch. The service wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t horrible. The real killer for me here was the price. My food plus a drink totaled $13.73, without tip! After a tip, I was out sixteen bucks! That’s not a cheap lunch. There are other options on the menu (a “create your own” combo can run 7 or 8 bucks), but they didn’t look nearly as good as what I got. Such is life. Maybe I should have ordered a corndog.

Aspen Country Cottage
They had some pretty normal stuff on the menu mostly burgers with different fixings, and they also had a deli section, for fresh sandwiches. One thing jumped out at me though – something called “Frito Pie”. I had no idea what it was, but I like Fritos, and I love pie, so I figured, why not? I also ordered a side of their “famous” home fried potatoes. Overall, I really enjoyed my meal. The entire place was very clean and well kept (bathroom too). The owners obviously take a lot of pride in running their shop, and it shows.

Back East Bar & Grill
I LOVE Back East Bar & Grill. I’ve been eating at the various incarnations of it for over 10 years, and have been to this location dozens of times. It has always been a great experience. As dictated by Murphy’s Law, the first time I decide to bring my camera with the intention of writing about it, I have a less than stellar experience. Do NOT use this review as a reason to avoid Back East Bar & Grill.

Bhan Thai
The food came out quick, and I dug in. The Pad Thai is fantastic, and loaded with flavor. It’s got crushed peanuts, onions, peppers, carrots, pork, and about a million other things in it. I ordered mine hot, and it was pretty darn hot. You can get mild or medium if you like it that way too. If your really into the heat, you can get it “Thai hot”. I’ll keep this pretty short, and just say that I loved it. The service was quick, the food was good, and it was reasonably priced – my meal was just over 8 bucks, I paid 9, and threw the change in their tip jar. I’ll be back.

Billy's Old World Pizza
As few as 5 years ago, Billy’s Pizza was consistently fantastic, but somewhere over the years, they have lost their touch. So.. the bar is nice, the problem is that the pizza’s weren’t fresh. I was here at noon, and it was dead, if nobody is eating the pizza, there’s no reason for them to put new ones out, and old pizza makes me sad. Additionally, the sausage was fairly bland.

Bite Me Gourmet Sausages
Bite Me Gourmet Sausage is manned by a friendly man named Bill. Bill told us that he usually sets up in Acacia park, a bit south of where we found him on Tejon. Every day, he posts on Facebook where he’s planning on setting up, so that’s definitely the best way to find him! The menu looked great! Lots of wild game like boar, pheasant, buffalo, elk, and even regular brats and hot dog for the less adventurous pallete (or kids!) Prices were totally reasonable – you can get a sausage, chips, and a drink for $6.50.

Black Forest Pies & Grinders
The “original” Black Forest Pies and Grinders opened in June of 2001 and quickly became a fixture of the Black Forest Community. Family owned and operated we were always known for friendly service and great food, always made with the freshest of ingredients.

Black Tie Gourmet
WOW! Look at the size of those meatballs! They were huge – and delicious. Forrest had a French Dip, Sean had a Roast Beef sandwich, and Z went with the Pastrami. Everyone at the table agreed that their sandwiches were top notch. My meatball sandwich tasted great, but was very messy. I ended up just eating it with a knife and fork. The meatballs were so huge they had to be eaten in multiple bites. They were also seasoned and spiced just right. Yum!