Breakfast And Pie
The pancake sandwich turned out to be a GIGANTIC pancake – quite possibly the largest pancake I’ve ever seen – with eggs and bacon on top of it. The bacon was run-of-the-mill average, which for bacon is still pretty good. Eggs were delicious. The pancake was at least …

Anybody Home?
The hot wings were great. It isn’t a fancy wing place, so they only come in one flavor – buffalo wings. The sauce tasted good, and didn’t make too much of a mess. It appeared to have been brushed on the nice crispy wings. It came with a small plastic cup of blue cheese, and celery and carrots.

The Golden Goose(berry)
I ordered the awesomely named Sloppy Pocket. Basically, it is a hamburger with cheese and strips of green chile wrapped up in a tortilla envelope, then deep fried. Once on the plate, it is smothered with green chile and cheese. It’s basically a green chile, cheeseburger chimichanga.

Bar Food In Falcon
The food came out surprisingly fast, and looked great. My son’s sandwich was full of loose sausage, covered with sauce and mozzarella. He enjoyed it, but had a hard time eating it without lots of the ground sausage falling out of the bread. It would have been nicer if the bread …

The Dive Revisited
The side of suicide sauce wasn’t very big, but you could smell the heat coming off of it. I asked about it, and was told that it was made with “a bunch of things” that included siracha, cayenne pepper, habeneros, and jalapenos. It was topped with an entire sliced up habenero. I dumped the entire …

Adequate Pub Grub
The burger came out, and it looked great! The bun looked nice, and the toppings were fresh. The fries were hand cut, and even had a little bit of the potato skin on them. The burger itself was way overcooked. The patty was obviously previously frozen, and from the taste of it …

Short Changed
The eggs benedict arrived, and it looked awesome! Unfortunately, it looked better than it tasted. I had no qualms with the English muffin, ham, or poached egg, but the hollandaise sauce ruined it. This is what ties eggs benedict together, and it was off by a long shot. The sauce was light and airy …

There’s A New King In Town
The portions were huge. There was a gigantic pile of thinly sliced brisket (complete with a nice smoke ring), a mountain of glistening pulled pork, and a ton of sausage slices. On the side was a bowl of beans and a huge square of corn bread with a pat of butter. I always wait to …

Louisiana Barbecue? What’s That?
The ribs were my favorite by far. They look like they had been dry rubbed then smoked, then slightly charred after a light coating of sauce. The meat was tender and delicious. These aren’t mushy, fall-of-the-bone ribs, they have some bite to them, but they will tear off the bone quite easily.

Totally Tubular
My wife loved her French toast, and was extremely satisfied. My sandwich was delicious, and huge; it had generous portions of everything. It was a meal by itself, which was good, because my home fried potatoes were under cooked to the point of being inedible.