I’m Going Crazy; Crazy Big Burritos
The burrito was HUGE, and jam packed with meat. It was all meat, some onions, and a smattering of guacamole. Its hard to describe how much meat was in there. This is the first time in a long time I haven’t been able to finish my lunch.

Corndog Please!
I ordered the Pollo Borracho, which comes with your choice of corn or flour tortillas (I got corn). It is an awesome mix of chicken, black and green olives, and tons of spices and seasonings. Unfortunately, it only came with 3 corn tortillas, but enough food for 6 or 8.

One Burrito To Rule Them All
The locals know that this is the place to go for lunch. I almost aways get two Avacado-Pork Burritos, because – and trust me on this – they are the most amazing burritos on the planet. If we could only get all of the world leaders to eat these at the same time, we’d have world peace. Really.

Cheap, Good, And Fast Pizza
The food was ready immediately – the cashier just grabbed two pieces from a big heater case next to her and threw ’em on some paper plates. I’m still in awe that I got all that for five bucks! The pizza is thin crust, and tasted fine. Service was friendly and fast. Unfortunately, they had just run out …

How About Some Service, Howard?
Everything tasted great. The beans had a hint of sweetness.The corn was doused in butter and served pre-skewered, so it was easy to eat. I had to use a fork to eat a lot of the beef, which was just spilling out of the sides of the sandwich.

I Like Fritos And I Like Pie, So…
They had some pretty normal stuff on the menu. Mostly burgers with different fixings, and a deli section for fresh sandwiches. One thing jumped out at me though – something called “Frito Pie”. I had no idea what it was, but I like Fritos, and I love pie, so I figured, why not?

Come For The Atmosphere, Not The Food
The building is awesome. It was built over 100 years ago, and much of the original structure remains in place. The place has tons of old photographs pertaining to the history of the railroad in Colorado Springs.

Good Food, Weird Service
The sandwich itself was a bit dry, having only the sausage and a smattering of peppers, but fortunately it came with a big bowl of marinara-ish sauce. Rather than trying to put sauce on the sandwich, I just dipped, and it was great. My one regret is that there was no cheese.

Fast – Its Not For Everyone
I ordered what I called a “pig calzone”. Basically, it was the build your own calzone, with all of the pig products on the menu (sausage, bacon, ham). It is served with a small bowl of marinara sauce for dipping/pouring. I was happy with the quality of the food …

Best Sausage Sandwich. Ever.
The title of this review really says it all. The sandwich was loaded with several varieties of peppers and tons of cheese. The sausage was full of flavor and also came with its own spicy kick, but different than the peppers, and complimented them well. the sandwich was hot, but not distractingly so.