Hot Means Hot!
I like spicy food, and when I try a new Thai restaurant I always order my food “Hot”. Most of them are so afraid to spice it up that you can barely taste it. Usually, I find that I can move up to “Thai Hot” with no issues. Chaang Thai does’t mess around with the heat. Hot means hot.

Sandwiches in the Forest
Before too long, our food arrived, and it looked fantastic! The bread was perfectly toasted, and piled high with fresh meat and veggies. The flavor was completely on point. It had just the right amount of pepperoni, salami, ham and cheese. It had been warmed up fist, then the crisp …

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!
Our appetizer came out very quickly, and it was fantastic! They are basically little balls of fried dough with cheese, corn, and peppers embedded within. There were about a dozen of them stacked on a bed of french fries, which in turn were stacked on a bed of lettuce.

Athens, We Have A Problem
It was at about this point that I noticed my chicken gyro did not have feta cheese and onions in it, but I decided to not make a big deal of it. We’d already been here for well over half an hour and were just now getting our food, I just needed to get done with lunch and back to work. So I dug in.

Close Enough
My Pad Thai had chicken in it, not pork. I like chicken well enough, so I didn’t complain. Close enough, I guess. I enjoyed the noodles and the vegetables quite a bit, and the spice level was just right (I had ordered it hot.) The chicken on the other had was awfully dry. Some of the pieces …

The Dive Review
I had ordered my burger medium rare, but it appeared to be cooked all the way through, with only the barest hint of pink in the dead center. In fact, temperature was an issue all the way around the table. We had medium burgers that were more rare than medium rare burgers and …

Now With Heat!
They have more tables, some nice artwork on the walls, and even heating. I was very pleased that they have the same great menu, with some additions. You can get a chicken teriyaki rice bowl for a mere $5.00, and lunch specials run $5.99! They have a limited menu of sushi …

A Time Capsule, With Beer
My burger was perfect. Very juicy, with just the right amount of pink. The buns were toasted nicely – any more and they would have been burned, but they didn’t cross the line. I didn’t put anything on my burger, just ate it the way it came. I’m glad I did, because it was delicious.

Johnny Be Good
My broasted chicken leg was also a hit. It was seasoned perfectly and the skin had a nice crunch. The meat was tender and juicy. It was one of the best pieces of chicken I’ve ever eaten. One of the friends I was with had ordered a whole plate of chicken, and now I know why.

Eating In Hell
This pizza is reason enough to come to Ruffrano’s Hell’s Kitchen. It’s got cheese, spicy Italian sausage, cherry peppers and pepperoni, as well as spicier-than-usual pizza sauce. I didn’t find it to be very hot, but the taste was fantastic. I enjoy spicy foods, so when I say something …