Small Town Goodness
The focaccia bread was amazing. It was airy and delicious, perfectly seasoned, and strong enough to hold the sandwich without ripping apart. The sandwich was loaded with delicious bacon, thick slices of ham, and tender chunks of chicken, along with red onions and lettuce.

Cow Face Is Good
It didn’t take long for the plate of barbacoa to arrive. It was one huge plate of meat! It had a small pile of chopped onions and another of cilantro on the side. We also received our dozen tortillas and a small plastic pitcher of house salsa. Immediately, we set about making some tacos.

Breakfast In Manitou
I quickly realized that having the english muffins on the bottom of the eggs and corned beef made it pretty difficult to eat. With a knife, I managed to cut them up into managable pieces. The corned beef was pretty average – if I had to guess, I would say it came out of a can.

Gourmet In The Woods
I was browsing the menu, and had just about decided on “The Taoist” sandwich, which has turkey, bacon, provolone, and guacamole on a jalepeno cheddar bagel, when Rita pointed out a board with some specials on it. That made me reconsider, and I decided to go with …

Needs Serious Work
Mark wanted a guacamole tostada, but was told that they were out of guacamole. Seriously?! No chips, and now no guacamole? This is a Mexican joint, right? I decided to get the two item combo with a much raved about (on Urbanspoon) chile relleno, and a carnitas sope …

Happy Thanksgiving!
So the food is pretty good, but why should you bother to drive all the way up here? I’ll tell you why: the pie. A slice of pie runs $3.50 – if you want ice cream with it, its a dollar more. Very reasonable dessert prices. Owen and I both chose to get a slice of pecan …

A Parlor For Omelets
My Godfather was great – anything with Italian sausage and mozzarella in it is okay in my book. It was topped with a ton of marinara as well. I would definitely eat this omelet again! Unfortunately, the potatoes served on the side were (again) just slightly under cooked.

The Duke Says, “Eat Here!”
The San Francisco has sauteed mushrooms and onions, bacon, and is served on two huge pieces of sourdough bread that were grilled in about five pounds of butter. It was amazing! The beef was delicious, and cooked to a perfect medium rare. Everything about this burger was awesome.

Murphy’s Law Ruins The Day
The spicy tater munchers were great! They are basically differently shaped tater tots, with a little bit of cheese (I think) and something spicy (maybe jalapenos) mixed in. I love them. They were hot in the middle, and crispy on the outside. I only wish I could say the same about my chicken!

Nuclear Soup – Where’s My Radiation Suit?
The eggroll was pretty good, I liked the larger chunks of vegetables in it, as if it was hand chopped, not pushed through a food processor. The won ton was delicious as well – they did not skimp on the cream cheese!