Sausage Cart Deliciousness
It wasn’t so spicy that it was hot, so don’t let that scare you, but it had just enough heat to be interesting. The flavor was unbeatable, and it was just a touch juicy. The carmelized onions were sweet, and the flavored cream cheese added some great texture and flavor.

Sun Tea In The Window
There’s nothing too fancy here – you have your choice of a burger, or a buffalo burger. They also have a few other sandwiches on the menu such as chicken or grilled cheese, as well as some inexpensive kid’s options. Owen and I both went with the “Blue Moon Buffalo Burger” […]

Keep Your Eye On The Menu!
We ordered drinks and cheese bread. This cheese bread always has been, and is still amazing. You could seriously just order the cheese bread and eat that for lunch. It’s basically pizza dough with lots of cheese, baked and topped with parmesan and some Italian seasonings (oregano, basil, etc).

Fresh And Delicious … On Wheels!
Carlos, the owner, made the tortillas from scratch – literally grilling them from the dough right in front of us. The beans inside the gorditas were top notch, and the meat was full of flavor, rich and decadent. The fresh tortilla was cooked perfectly, and tasted great.

Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover!
At more than $10 each, their burgers aren’t exactly cheap, but they are HUGE. Also, they are more than willing to split a whole burger across two plates, and only charge you for a single burger, despite the fact that they sell “half” burgers individually for about $8.

Great Lunch Deals!
They’ve got great lunch deals – 2 slices of cheese pizza and a drink for $4.99, or make it pepperoni for a dollar more. In addition, you can get a cannoli for dessert for another buck. That’s a full lunch with dessert for 6 or 7 dollars! Where else can you do that?

Pretentious But Friendly
The pizzas are slightly pricier than Il Vicino and, unfortunately, more limited. There are only a handful of pizzas on the menu, and none of them seemed particularly adventurous. They do have a lot of spaghetti options, and a few well priced sandwiches, however.

Bland Thai Food IS Possible!
I decided to try Taos Oriental Cuisine with a friend. When I pulled up in the parking lot, there was a big banner on the building that said, “Taos Oriental Cusine” (note the spelling). The same lack of attention to detail that went into the banner was a sign of my meal in general.

Blast From The Past
I really like Cy’s. It has been in town since the early 1950s, and hasn’t changed much. I like the James Dean and Coca Cola paraphernalia on the walls, and the malts. It’s just a cool place, with a lot of character. While not exorbitant, Cy’s feels a little bit pricy.

Holy Mole!
The mole was great! It had very complex flavors that I could hardly begin to describe, but had that distinctive nutty, cocoa smell and flavor that I love. Beneath it was shredded chicken that was moist and delicious. I used the tortillas to hold a mix of chicken and mole, and scarfed it down.