Avoid The Chorizo
I’ve had the Machaca Burrito here before, and it was excellent. Unfortunately, I wasn’t so impressed with the Chorizo. Inside the burrito, the Chorizo was burnt. Some of it was actually burnt to the point of being crispy. I ate it anyways, and it was ok, but not great.

I can’t even begin to describe the flavor, but these were probably the best meatballs I’ve ever eaten. The sauce was delicious and savory, the meatballs had just the right amount of moisture in them, and the pita bread was awesome – and especially useful for sopping up the sauce!

A Little Bit Of Morocco In Manitou Springs
I can’t wrap this up without mentioning the belly dancer! Around 8 o’clock, she whirled into the room, and launched a series of dances that we enjoyed while finishing our meal and eating dessert.

Random Central Amerian Cuisine
The food came out quickly, and Chuleta Encebollada turned out to be very thin pork chops cooked with (and covered with) peppers and onions. It also came with rice and beans on the side, and some tasty corn tortillas. The beans were great, the rice was …

Chicken Made Of Beef
The chowder came out first, and it was awesome. It was the perfect thickness, not watered down and runny. It had plenty of potatoes, and they didn’t skimp on the clam, like most places. Also, it had bacon in it, and lots of it! This was, quite frankly the best New England style clam chowder …

La Sinalowhatinthe…?
I had never eaten a chile relleno before, and I gotta say, it was good! I didn’t recognize the cheese inside the pepper. It was white, and tasted good, but was very mild. The pepper itself was pretty tame as well. I was expecting something a bit more spicy. Mild or not, it had great flavor.

I’m eating… WHAT?
The Italian Chicken was awesome. It had provolone on the bun, with the chicken thinly cut and spread on top of the cheese. Marinara sauce was heaped on the chicken, and the whole deal was topped with parmesan. The chicken was super tender, and tasted amazing.

The food was decent, but not superb as far as pizza goes. The Bruschetta was very good. Overall, it was a fairly mediocre dining experience. I would warn you not to go unless your up for a 2 hour lunch. To top it all off, we ended up spending about 18 bucks each for an appetizer …

I Love Tiramisu
I’ve been coming to Savelli’s for a long time, and I’m always happy. It’s a little ways out of the way, but its worth the drive. The fare is pretty simple, but it tastes great, the service is friendly and fast, and it is acceptably priced. Omg awesome. What else can I say? It was terrific.

Eveything’s French!
The sandwich tasted every bit as good as it looked (maybe better!) The meat was very tender, and was seasoned perfectly, with very little fat. The cheese was plentiful and delicious. The Au Jus sauce seemed different than normal – it had chunks of meat in it …